Saturday, May 20, 2017

Chesapeake City - Waiting for weather at anchor

Pretty house but lots of company with the overhead bridge
We sat out today in Chesapeake City due to high winds on the nose predicted for Sunday. We couldn't make the tide right for getting under the Cape May Canal bridges so we'll wait for better conditions on Monday and Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Ann painted and I worked on the 2017 edition of my ICW Cruising Guide. It will be greatly enlarged over the 2016 version with more chapters on what we've learned over the past 35 years of boating and the this year's best routes through the hazards of the ICW.

Good dinghy dock
We never did see the sun today. It seems you never get what you wish for. It's either too hot at 90F or soo cold at 68F like today. Where's the high 70's? There's a standing joke on Long Island Sound that the average wind speed is 10 to 15 kts. That means it's either 0 to 5 kts or 25 to 30 kts, nothing inbetween! We were on the Sound one year and doing the usual motoring during the summer with no wind and we saw whitecap coming towards us from the north. What's that we wondered? There were a line of small, racing sailboats being towed out for racing since there was absolutely no wind ahead of us. Well, the whitecaps finally reached us and our 38 ft sailboat, our first Fleetwing, suddenly keeled over on its side with the gusts to 30 kts. So, sure enough, the average winds for the day was 10 to 15 kts! The same logic holds true for figuring average temperatures when going north during the spring.

Quite a difference from last night when we were one of only two boats
We have eight sailboats in here tonight. We guided one boat in today that ran aground trying to cut the red buoy (passing on the wrong side). All you have to do is read Active Captain. I posted a complete description on how to enter. I guess fewer people read AC than what I thought. At least the anchorage is getting good use. We now plan on leaving Monday afternoon for Cohansey and then Tuesday for Cape May if the weather holds, lots of luck on that score.