Sunday, May 14, 2017

Hampton - Mariners Museum and Park and Dinner with friends

The last surviving example of a figurehead by John Bellamy, stunning in person
Finally, we see the sun! I was beginning to believe we would never warm up. With the good weather, we planned a trip to the Mariner's Museum.  It's an enormous museum dedicated to the history of America's naval battles and the history of naval warfare in general, including the British. The exhibits are very well done and it's a great way to spend the afternoon.

I cannot imagine the noise this cannon made when fired in the confined area of a ship's hold
Today they featured a 3D movie about the Polynesian islands, very beautiful. The exhibits also covered some little known nautical lore. For example, why is the "head" on a boat called a "head?" Well, it's because the old time boats sailed with the wind at their back, off their stern. So the wind was coming from the back of the boat to the front. Given that, where's the best part of the boat to use when you have to go? It's well the wind will take the fumes away from you and the rest of the crew - at the head of the boat (the front)! They had all this valuable information and more posted when you used their restrooms. I feel much better educated now...

You meet great sailors along the ICW - lifetime friends.
We were invited over for dinner with Gordon and Eta and it was a great evening with another couple, another benefit of cruising the ICW. We will be here another day and still plan on leaving Tuesday morning for the Mill Creek anchorage.


Mary said...

The Mariner's Museum is considered world class in its genre, and as you see, not stuffy at all!