Friday, May 26, 2017

Cape May - Last day

The dredgers are still squatting in the favorite anchorage in Cape May, but a few boats are still anchoraged
Well, it's been okay but it's time to move on. The marina is very well protected and I've heard that people have ridden out hurricanes in this marina. We've had no hurricanes but we did have high winds. We've been comfortable but Saturday looks like a go day for getting to Atlantic City.

We're having spring tides and the lows have been -0.8 ft! In walking Hoolie today we saw one boat in a place where we've anchored before, it's shallow. The big power boat (see photo) was hard aground and  had called BOAT/US for a tow. When you anchor, all you really have to do is to look at the nearest tide station and subtract that number from whatever depth reading you see when you anchor. If the resultant number is less than your keel, then you will be aground. How difficult is that? I went out tonight with Hoolie and the boat was gone.

Let's see, if you keel is deeper than the water, you're aground!
Last night Sunday was a good day for reaching Atlantic Highlands. This morning winds of 18 kts on the nose was forecast. Now, tonight the forecast is once again favorable with winds less than 10 kts. Hopefully, that good forecast will not change but who knows? We just happened to hit the Golden Nugget on Memorial Day weekend when they jack up the rates to $4/ft. Now that's not nice and we could anchor out but we do like our comfort when in Atlantic City so we'll foot the bill. Plus, I promised Ann a dinner out at the Charthouse restaurant there.

If all goes according to plan, we'll shove off for Atlantic Highlands on Sunday morning for our longest trip of the cruise (if the forecast holds).