Sunday, May 7, 2017

RE Mayo - at their docks

The RE Mayo docks are not for everyone, they are rustic to say the least but sturdy and the price is right
Backing out of our slip at Homer Smith's Docks and Marina was an exercise in caution. We had the dinghy tied off on our stern but with two sets of piling right behind us on either side of the boat, it was a sure thing that we would catch the dinghy between us and the piling. So you plan ahead and rehearse what could go wrong and try to increase your chances of success. I took the dinghy off the aft of the boat and towed it along to the next dock over and tied it off out of the way.

The concern was the 15 kt wind blowing us into the slip at an angle that would take us into one of the two aft pilings. I had one dock hand that could guide the bow but no one to guide the aft section. I went next door to knock on our neighbor's boat at 8:30am thinking that was a safe time that everyone would be up. Well, that was not the case.
The Women's bathroom, rather basic
It turns out that Steve had been out until 3:00 am with a friend and was sleeping in, at least until I knocked on the hull! Nevertheless, good neighbor that he was, he volunteered to help. With Steve handling the bow line and Tom on the stern, Ann powered Fleetwing out of the slip without a problem while I handled the lines.

We docked two slips over for fuel and a pumpout and we took off shortly thereafter. On the way north there were a dozen boats, everyone had the same idea after three days of high winds. Today was the day to get out of town!

We are now docked at RE Mayo with two other boats even though they are closed today. We hope to pay our dockage Monday morning and pick up some frozen shrimp and scallops, they are the best. They are frozen in a flat package so they are fit in the freezer very well and don't take up much space. Meanwhile, RE Mayo is not a marina, it's just a dock and a place to get outstanding, frozen seafood for your freezer. We'll stock up.

On the other hand, they had very large shrimp boats and lots of shrimp
On Monday we're headed for the Pungo River anchorage to stage us for arrival in Hampton on Friday for a three day stay. .