Monday, May 8, 2017

Pungo River - at anchor

Ann to this picture across from RE Mayo's dock
We stocked up on shrimp and scallops at RE Mayo in the morning and shoved off around 8:30. The winds were light and we motored northward with a calm crossing of the Pamlico River to the Pungo River anchorage just before the Pungo - Alligator River canal. It's well protected and there's Hoolie relief at a nearby, sandy beach.

Hoolie relief is to be had in the beach in front of the trees at the Pungo anchorage
The Verizon signal has significantly improved here. We used to barely get a signal at all but now it's 12 Mbps. This area used to be a famous dead spot for WiFi over Verizon and AT&T but I guess no more. I can see a cellphone tower in the distance, perhaps that's the reason.

Another photo by Ann at Homer Smith's Docks and Marina
We're headed for the Alligator River Marina on Tuesday. We don't like to anchor out along the Alligator after a bad experience with "fuzzy bills" a couple of years ago. They painted our boat green with slime and we pulled into Dowry Creek Marina to clean up the mess along with two other boats with the same problem. We just happened to hit an anchorage when the fuzzy bills were swarming. They look just like mosquitoes but they don't sting but do leave a sticky, green residue when they expire that same night. They've been known to coat a boat an inch thick on the decks! If you anchor when they are dormant, then it's no problem but we don't want to take the chance again.

By the way, Alligator River Marina is still operational and Wanda is still there for now. She'll be leaving sometime in the future but she's around for the present.