Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Coinjock Marina - at their face dock

Up close and personal to the  boat in front!
It was the calmest day possible crossing the Albemarle. The winds were 5 kts or less and the water was flat. We've had some spirited rides in the past and today's sedate passage was welcomed. The high winds of last week has backed everyone up so they all left in the last two days. Albemarle had a long line of boats, all in a row hugging the magenta line. We had called ahead to the Coinjock Marina to reserve a spot on the facedock and they called back today to be sure we were still on our way. They were expecting a full crowd and wanted to know if it okay with us if we accepted another boat to tie up to us. The dock here goes on forever but still it wasn't enough for everyone to have their own dock. There were four boats that had to double up including the one tied up to us.

I think the dockhands just about made every foot count
Coinjock is just one long dock so the dockhands specialize in packing the boats as close together as possible. There's no more than a foot between boats once they get done with the dock line adjustments. Needless to say, you can't be the first one out if you're on the inside next to the dock. For us that's no problem since we only have 30 miles to go on Thursday and usually don't get started until 8:30 or so.

Great prime rib!
Coinjock is also famous for their restaurant and their signature dish, a prime rib of beef. It's aged and hand cut and very tender. Ann and I each had the smallest version, 12 to 14 oz, no bone so there's no waste. I must admit that it was very good, tender and juicy.It's wise to order that meal in advance soon after you arrive so you'll be sure of getting your cut of beef. They've been known to run out if you don't order in advance.

We're right after the black hull boat, one long dock
We are aiming for the free dock at a park across from Atlantic Yacht Basin. We stayed there on the way down when the marina was full and it was fine. The docks are sturdy and quiet and there's a park for dog walking, fine for us.