Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cape May - Rained all night long, cold today

Paul May is a dependable diver in Cape May - he's a local
There is no joy here. Rain, wind, temperatures, in the 60's at best, etc. At least we're at a marina where we can plug in to 120v and have heat throughout the day and night. We're due to get another storm tonight with winds topping 20 kts and lots more rain. We are only four days out of our homeport at the Poughkeepsie YC but the leg up the New Jersey coast is proving difficult.

His truck is the equal of any machine shop - amazing
Meanwhile, we had a diver come by to look at our prop for any remains of the crab buoy we ran over in a driving rain. The rain came down in sheets and we had great difficulty seeing anything, much less a crab buoy. The prop was running rather smoothly so we didn't expect him to find anything but we wanted to be sure. As it turned out, he did find about a foot of rope still around the shaft which he removed. The last thing we wanted was for a problem to develop when we're off the coast of New Jersey heading north.

Goodbye Paul, I hope I don't need you next year but it's good to know you're around
I surveyed the area for divers and only found Paul May readily available at a reasonable rate. He lives locally but was up in NYC diving to repair a NOAA water level monitoring station. He came by this morning promptly as promised.

The storms just keep coming at us. The first bleak window of opportunity looks to be Saturday and an outside change of a trip from Atlantic City to Atlantic Highlands on Sunday. Unfortunately, this is Memorial Day weekend and the marina at Atlantic City does not honor my Marina Life discount and on top of that they raised their rates for that weekend from $3/ft to $4/ft! Regardless, we need to head north sometime and if the weather allows it, we'll be there Saturday.


jack cothren said...

we love all things "Kraken" !

Dawn R said...

When we go through Atlantic City, we anchor in the basin, far enough in front of the shrimp boats to give them room to move around. And off the Farley marina docks. Holding is great and far less current than anchoring near bridges.

Bob423 said...

Dawn, the Coast Guard does not allow anchoring in the basin but I have known boats that did and made it through the night without getting the feared knock on the hull from the CG telling them to move. Then again, I also heard of boats that were told to move. I just don't want that knock on the hull and have to reanchor in the dark outside the basin.

Once I anchored out of the channel in Cape May but then there was a wind shift during the night. We awoke when the CG shined a light on the boat. I went topsides and was confronted with a CG boat with lots of coasties on board. I had to haul the anchor in the dark and move about 1/2 mile away to find a new spot, not fun in the dark.

Bob423 said...

Jack, do you know the diver?

jack cothren said...

No, LOL, we just love all things Kraken