Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Key West - We rent a car, provision, tour art galleries in higher Duval and dine at Al Maidah

At the Alan Maltz Gallery
I picked the car up from Enterprise at 10:00 and we were then headed to Winn Dixie for provisions. They had everything we needed at a better price than Publix, the other major supermarket in Key West.

Ann had wanted to see the southern end of Duval Street known as "up" Duval Street since that's the direction of increasing house numbers even though it's southerly on the map. There were several art galleries she wanted to see and one in particular, the Alan Maltz Gallery. The trend over the past few years has been to do photographs on metal. The photos become luminous and are quite stunning, they have a glow to them. We were thinking of having some of our own photos done that way.

Along the way, we noticed another art store with many unusual items
Aside from just looking at the paintings and photos, Ann likes talking to the artists and share what paper they use, their techniques, their oils or pastels, etc. I guess it's like talking shop. I just like to look at the art but Ann likes to get into the details of how it's done.

They have outside and inside dining but in February it's outside in Key West
We dined out at Al Mainah,  It's a new restaurant that's only been opened for two months and they don't even have a liquor license yet so you have to bring your own bottle. That part actually saves money, especially since they do not charge an "uncorking fee" which some do to compensate for the loss of profit from liquor sales. The restaurant specializes in Middle Eastern food and based on our sampling, it's very good. We both had a lamb dish, wonderful.

That's the new moon and Venus over the Turtle Kraals restaurant
I'll bring the car back Wednesday and then tackle boat projects in earnest, I have a long list I won't bore you with.