Monday, February 27, 2017

Key West - Another band at BO's Fishwagon

Schooner Wharf is the white building and the shed structure to the right
We have the last dock at the Key West Bight City Marina in the direction of Schooner Wharf. It's very convenient for shuffling over to see what's happening there. They have someone playing all day long. BO's Fishwagon, on the other hand, only has entertainment a few nights a week. Their best known band is Barry Cuda's every Friday night and the place is packed for them. A lesser know band plays Thursdays or Mondays and they are very good. It's composed of a guitarist, two violinists, a drummer and an accordion. There were people dancing in the aisles to the music (but not me, no talent there).

BO's is s small area, intimate but can get crowded
A great deal of the attraction of Key West is just wandering around and finding music that's fun to listen to in places you don't expect. Hoolie and I stood in the entrance listening for almost 1/2 hour. The place was packed, nowhere to sit.

We took Hoolie over to the dog park again and he got a good run in but it was hot, around 80. So we quit early and cooled off on the way back to the boat. I'm sure that we'll find that lot converted into condos at some time in the near future but we'll enjoy it while it lasts. On Tuesday we get a car for exploring Key West, probably the south end of Duval Street for starters after a provisioning run in the morning.