Monday, February 6, 2017

This guy never did move as we went by...
Today was great!!! We did school work but started early. We walked down the dock. It was high tide so it was hard and painful to get of the boat. Yesterday we went to the beach. It was FUN!!! My new flip flop broke. The whole back broke!!! At the beach when I was leaving I saw a rock I decided to touch it. But a touch turned into a fall and I tried to hug the rock. That’s really all we did that was worth going on the blog today BYE!!!          

The Bottle Brush Plant, it grows on trees
Finn tends to leave his audience hanging. "Painful to get off the boat" means the bow was over a foot above the dock so the step down was rather large and you had to watch out for the bow railing coming up you know where...  Everybody today just relaxed and agreed it was better in 75 degree weather than up north in the 30's and going to school. However, all the kids still had schoolwork to do, not a popular activity when it's so nice outside. 

A larger photo
Sleeping seven people in a 42 ft boat results in the three kids in the middle salon with the adults in the fore and aft cabins. There's plenty of room for all. Ann explored activities for the rest of the week and found support for a glass bottom boat ride on Wednesday. It's supposed to be a sunny day so we'll see how it goes. Finn is still practicing his trumpet and got lessons tonight from his uncle Phil who played the trombone in high school. He received a much better lesson than from us.

It's just so nice to just run in the morning and then do a walkabout in the afternoon in the warm sunshine. Great to be in Key West.