Friday, February 17, 2017

Key West - Lunch at Garbo's Grill and a review of the galleries

To Cuba!
Today was great. We went on a walk. It was fun until Rowan said he wanted to go on a bus tour. I really hate bus tours. There is always some one yelling so you can’t hear anything. So really it’s a boring bus ride. Rowan also gave us a tour of the harbor. He made stuff up like the bird of knowledge or the stairs of hopelessness. # it was cheesy. That’s all the stuff we did that was worth going on the blog BYE!!!   

The Wyland Gallaries on Duval Street
We had lunch at Garbo's Grill again which is a very good stop for fish tacos, Korean BBQ, shrimp Tacos and, of course, their famous Umamiburger. From there we took at stroll down Duval Street to tour three of the art galleries we like the best. Along the way we saw an ad (see photo) for flights to Cuba.

We most like the Wyland Gallery. Among other things he does murals on buildings for aquatic scenes all over the world with one painted on a building by the dock. There are often other famous painters doing exhibitions in his studio during our stay. On Saturday we plan on sailing if the weather holds up.