Sunday, February 5, 2017

Key West - Super Bowl? What's that?

African Tulip Tree - they are all over Key West
Finn is taking the day off from his blog, the slacker, so I'll give some background on trying to get coverage at the dock for the Super Bowl. The docks here are prewired for cable and internet connections but you have to do all the negotiations yourself with the cable company, in this case Xfinity. So I wound up with internet and TV ("no, I don't need a phone...") after a long conversation with customer service - they have a long dialogue I guess they must go through ("No, I don't have a house alarm here..."). Then there were the extras, ("Oh, you want HD, that's $10 more a month for the HD cable box", "Internet, well then there's the $9.99 charge a month for the cable modem"). So I took a bus ride to the only Xfinity store and gave them my account number and picked up the modem and box. Once back at the boat I discovered the cable box I was given was not HD even though I paid for HD. This was a Friday before the Super Bowl, no way to replace the box. An hour long call to customer service was punctuated by comments like, "Super Bowl, what is that? When is it? Is it basketball?" Needless to say, the customer service person sounded like she was from India. There's no harm in that but if you're answering calls from the US you ought to be aware of things of high interest to Xfinity customers.

Catching up on gaming in Key West
So after an hour I was promised an overnight shipment to arrive Saturday but it never showed up, now it's scheduled for Monday. I can understand why people are often so pissed off about cable service. Oh by the way, I found an additional $7.00 fee for "additional TV service fee". A thoroughly disagreeable experience. We wound up watching the game over Fox Sports which streamed the game at no cost.

Meanwhile it was a provisioning day ($500) at Winn Dixie and then it was off to the beach before returning to the boat for the Super Bowl. Finn joined Sarah and Natalie to catch up on playtime but Monday reality comes back with Math homework and more. Time in Key West does not mean no schoolwork, visitors or not.