Sunday, February 12, 2017

Key West - Schooner Wharf

Many dinghies are doubled up, just like Block Island
Today was not verying exciting. We had Danish for breakfast. It is SOOO GOOD. Mine was chock full of CHOCOLATE! I love chocolate by the way. We also went to the dog park. There where so many balls. Hoolie was in heaven by the way. The only problem was that he kept getting distracted. I had a good practice on the horn. We’re learning the 2nd song. But there are so many notes it’s hard to breath. So I haft to stagger breath # it’s not easy! That’s all we did today that should go on the blog BYE !!!            

Schooner Wharf is still going strong, always with a live band
Well, a few more "O's" slipped in but not too many. In walking Hoolie today I saw noticed that we have many more dinghies at the dinghy dock than ever in the past. It looks more like Block Island than Key West at the dinghy dock. In all the previous 6 years we've been here, the dinghy dock has never been more than one deep, not so this year. 

Cigars are made right in the restaurant
I took a walk over to Schooner Wharf, it's only about 200 ft from our dock and it's one of the great attractions of Key West. Where else in Key West do they have two Happy Hours with the first one from 7:00 am to noon! They even have a cigar roller right in the restaurant which, of course, has no roof, just the sky. There are also no sides, it's open to the outside. They do have a stage where they always have someone playing, even during the afternoon hours. 

We are right over on the next dock out. Note the absence of walls. 
We often go over with Hoolie in tow and sit for awhile to listen to the performers, they always have someone live. It's just a great way to enjoy the warm, night air of Key West.