Monday, February 13, 2017

Ann's new haircut and style
Today was so cool. We went to a parrot rescue. There are so many of them!!! I EVEN GOT TO HOLD ONE!!! It was a blue macaw but it was as cuddly as a cat. Its name is baby. The other guys kept squawking in my ear. Anyway I am almost done with Treasure   Island. I have 1 more chapter to go. In the morning we all went on a walk. All we saw were chickens. In the morning we did work. I started measurement. It’s not easy. That’s all we did today that deserves to go on the blog BYE JJJ!!!                   

Finn was allowed to hold one of the parrots.
Ann has places she favors for getting her hair done. She likes  a shop at Fernandina and when in Key West she has a favorite there too. However, the one in Key West went out of business! That's the problem with Key West, there's a lot of turnover. Luckily, the same shop was taken over by another stylist so Ann took advantage of the changeover to get her hair cut and styled. I thought it looked nice and Ann's happy with it. They have two shops in Key West, Ann went to the one on Simonton Street. 

One of the most colorful of the parrots
In the afternoon we visited the parrot rescue house at Nancy Forrester's Secret Garden. It's a mom and pop affair and they have about 24 parrots spread around their backyard. We looked in all the cages and then had a great conversation with the parrot couple. As we sat and watched, they took parrots out of their cages and interacted with them. It turns out that they are very social animals. They like to be petted just like a cat. In fact, they have to interact or they grow bored and suffer. The wife related that the parrots like to play hide and seek when they are free in the house (they take them inside every night). You can see Finn holding one of the parrots as it lies on its back, totally relaxed and enjoying it. 

The backyard with one of the keepers
Both of them cautioned never to buy a parrot unless you're willing to make a lifetime commitment, they live a very long time - comparable to humans. They get their parrots often from people that buy one on a whim and then get tired of them after a couple of years or even sooner. They demand attention and can get very loud if ignored. It was a great session for Finn and we chalked it up to science day for Monday. 

From the outside it looks like any other house.
One more day until Finn's parents arrive. He's been away from his family since the beginning of January but he does talk to his mother every night. 


Unknown said...

Great blog entry, Finn.and great photo of you and the parrot. We had no idea that parrots were so social. Thanks for the information.
Fair winds & Smooth sailing,
Elaine & Lawrence S/V Elle & I

Unknown said...

Love your hair cut, Ann. I'll be looking for places for haircuts next winter too. Will keep these 2 places in mind. We have similar "dos".
Questions for Ann
1. How big is your drug and freezer?
2. Do you make ice cubes?
3. Is it easy to find fresh veggies/fruit As you travel down the ICW?
4. Are laundry facilities available as you travel down the ICW?

Thanks in advance.
Aboard Obsession Catalina 42

Unknown said...

How big is your FRIDGE and freezer? Lol