Friday, February 24, 2017

Key West - Sarabeth and Salt Galleries

Sarabeth, right on our dock!
We have a huge super yacht moored in front of us. It's 130 ft long and it's not a charter. Most of these super yachts that come into the harbor are chartered but not Sarabeth. I can't find out easily who owns it but as long as they are quiet at night, I don't care. It provides good shade from the setting sun.

The view from our bow
Ann wanted to see the oil pastels exhibit at Salt Galleries on Fleming Street so we included the stop on our daily afternoon walk. In addition to the paintings, they also carry local honey which Ann is always looking for. We didn't think the paintings were particularly good but they were interesting.

We paid another visit to BO's Fishwagon on a Friday night to hear Barry Cuda play, the best piano player in Key West
The best part of the day was a stop at the local fish market for fresh red snapper. Ann found a great recipe on the internet that she tried out, Pineapple Crusted Mangrove Snapper. The flavors harmonized nicely, a good choice for us.

On Saturday we're headed to the yearly Key West Art Festival with dozens of outdoor exhibits of all types. Paintings, sculptors, jewelry, and hand crafts. This will be the 52nd year it's been held, a Key West tradition.