Monday, February 20, 2017

Key West - Last day lazing around

An inviting front porch. Some come to just enjoy the weather and watch the world go by.
I hate to say this but this is my last entry. LLL Tomorrow I am going to my real home. We did go on a long walk in the afternoon. We went into a shop that was chock full of CANDY!!! I got a big bag of candy. Tonight we are having PIZZA!!! My pizza is going to have cheese. I LOVE CHEESE PIZZA BY THE WAY!!! Tonight we are watching “Open Season Scared Silly”. I heard it’s a good one. That’s all we did today that was worth going on the blog till next time BYE!!!           

The morning was still spent on homework, even on the last day on Fleetwing. Finn has to show proof of his homework in order to re-enter his class at school. We received notice his homework was accepted and he's good to go.

Every MWF at 7:00 there are turtle races!
The afternoon was spent walking around the downtown area and visiting the It's Sugar store on Duval Street. I think they will have a sugar high on the trip home. One last trip tonight was for ice cream so now they are all set for tomorrow. They will be leaving from Miami so they will need an early start. It's sad to see the last of our crew return north. Now it will just be the two of us taking Fleetwing back to Poughkeepsie to arrive late May. But before that, we have another month down in sunny Key West!