Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Key West - Rain storm in the morning and sunny in the afternoon

Just a typical walkway near the docks, flowers and gardens
Key West has a dry season that runs from December through April so in the present time period, there is little rain. We've seen rain about once every two weeks during our visits in the winter. Today was one of those rare days with a downpour. It only lasted an hour or so but it's enough to put a damper on Key West festivities. No boats went out in the morning for day sailing.

With the rain, we stayed inside and watched the weather radar for an opening to get laundry done which we did. In the afternoon it was walking time. One great thing about Key West is the variety of routes you can take and not repeat yourself when walking. The rentals all have plantings to take advantage of the tropical climate. There is a profusion of flowers and plants of all kinds imported from equatorial regions from all over the world. It makes for a showy area to stroll.

Off to the left, a pretty plant in the sunlight
This morning I noticed that the Strataglass in the front windshield is cracked. It was getting cloudy anyway after 10 years or so in the Florida sun but we hadn't intended replacing it until our return north. Now we're looking for a local canvass shop, not cheap.

We are getting back into the routine of just the two of us. It has suddenly become very quiet on the boat. All the grandkids have blocked out their calendars for the summer time trip to Long Island Sound so we have that to look forward to.