Thursday, February 16, 2017

Key West - Provisioning in Key West

The only supermarket in downtown Key West
Today was good. I woke up to go to the Cuban coffee Queen. I got a bagel. IT WAS SO GOOD!!! Most of the morning was schoolwork. I got stuck on the easiest problem. 12 x 4. it was 48!!! I played my trumpet today. I did it for my parents. They said I was GREAT!!! Also MY DAD IS THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD!!! # he told me to say that. This afternoon we went to the bird feeding. It was so gross. They took real fish and cut the head off. Then they threw the bits and pieces of fish to the birds. That’s all we really did today that should go on blog BYE!!! (: (:(:                

I don't think Finn was supposed to repeat that his dad told him to say it! Oh well, Finn had fun. In provisioning there are two choices, either Publix or Winn Dixie. Of the two, Winn Dixie is the better choice unless you don't care about prices. Publix in Key West is way overpriced. Winn Dixie had boneless chicken breasts for $1.69/lb while Publix wanted $4.50 for the same thing. So we stocked up for the next few weeks. 

The flowers of Key West are starting to come out!
The only choice in Key West downtown is Faustos which is about 10 minutes away walking from our dock. The only problem is that the prices are outrageous ($49 for one fillet mignon steak).The other items are not so overpriced but still very high. You could  use the city bus (50 cents for seniors) which stops right in front of Winn Dixie but you have to pay good attention to the bus schedule which is not very reliable, it's Key West after all. Surprisingly, Key West Transit does have a website that shows the location of all of its buses in real-time on a map with an estimate of arrive times at any bus stop. There are a bunch of 7/11 type stores but they don't carry much beyond drinks, milk, and eggs. More exploring Friday.