Wednesday, February 8, 2017

One of the two viewing areas of the glass bottom boat. 
Today was SOOOOOOOOO FUN. We went on a glass bottom boat. We saw turtles, fish, and coral JJJ. The trip to the coral reef was long. It took 45 min to get there. But the boat was HUGE. It had 3 decks 2 of them where low to the water so it was easy to spot fish. When we went back we saw a piling that was so thin that I looked as if I touched it it would break. That’s all we did BYE!!!      

The Navy boat for SEALS assaults, looks fast
I've been on Finn about the use of all those "O's". He's getting better. He worked on homework along with the girls this morning but in the afternoon Ann treated us all to a glass bottom boat ride out to the reefs. The boat is a catamaran so it is very stable in most seas and today it was perfect since it was calm anyway.

This small public beach is within walking distance of our dock
The inside has two viewing areas in the bottom of the two pontoons of the catamaran. Everybody sat outside on the 45 minute ride out to the reefs but gathered below while slowing passing over the reefs. It's a good alternative if you don't want or can't snorkel. The  view was fine but obviously more limited compared to snorkeling.

The end to a nice day
On the way back we saw a naval vessel that's used by SEALS for rapid deployment. It's a giant catamaran! I wonder how fast it will go? We're told it can operate in as little as 8 feet of water.Thursday is another beach day, got to take advantage of this great weather.