Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Key West - Reef Relief Museum and house prices

At Reef Relief museum
Today was awesome!!! We walked down Duval Street. We had Gelleto. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. It has this crème taste that melts in your mouth. We also went to a museum. It was so fun. When we went back we saw a spider man. It looked like a manikin but it jumped out and made me jump. That’s all we did today BYE!!!            

Two large cruise ships were in Key West today, thousands of one day visitors
The morning was spent in homework as usual but in the afternoon we all walked over to Reef Relief. It's a free museum with several interactive exhibits and a continuously running movie on the perils of the shark fin industry. Apparently it is quite a delicacy in Japan where shark fin soup goes for $90 a bowl. That price supports a lot of shark hunting with the only part taken is the top fin of the shark. The rest is thrown back in the ocean. As a result, the shark population has been impacted of late.

Guess the price?
In taking my morning run I noticed a rather run down house nearby and wondered what the asking price was for the two bedroom, 1 bath house of 1432 ft2 on a 2650 ft2 lot. I looked it up on Zillo and found the price to be $747,172! Even shacks are not cheap in Key West.

On Wednesday is a trip on the glass bottom boat out to the reef. It's predicted to be a sunny day, ought to be good.