Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Key West - Finn's parents due Wednesday

Here's another solution to getting a dog off a boat. I just carry Hoolie over the bow. 
Happy Valentines Day everybody!!! Today we started with the daily morning walk, nothing really interesting there. We walked 37min. Most of the day was filled with schoolwork. We took Hoolie to the dog park. I threw the ball and chased it. That was fun. I did my horn. I have been working on the Hobbit theme. It is not easy. Tomorrow my mom and dad are getting here. I just can't wait for them to get here. That’s all we did today that is worth going on the blog.     

Occasionally you will see a traditional powerboat at the docks
There was a lot of getting the boat ready for the next crew, Finn's parents are due to arrive around 4:00 pm on Wednesday. He hasn't seen them since the first of January. They are spending the night in Washington, D.C. so they can catch the early flight out of Dulles for Ft Lauderdale. 

We took advantage of the dog park again which exercises not only the dog but also Finn. Our favorite time of the day is sitting on the back of the boat at 5:00 pm and watching the harbor. It's a quiet time of the day and the sun is not so strong and there's usually a gentle breeze with the temperature around 70 or so. 

They close off Caroline Street for the fete at the Wesley House on Valentines Day
Tonight I took Finn for a walk and we passed by the annual Wesley House Valentines Day dinner on Caroline Street. The cost is $50 each but we didn't attend. We'll celebrate later in March after all our guests leave. There was quite a crowd there tonight.