Thursday, February 2, 2017

Key West - dog park and roosters

Finn was being attacked by the Sponge Man!
Today was great!!! We went to the dog park. The dog Hoolie likes were not there so no distractions. It was just me and Hoolie with my grandparents in the background. I also got all my schoolwork done this morning so I got the afternoon off.. This morning we walked for 36 minutes. We don’t really walk THAT much. I played my horn today. I was great nanny says. That’s all I did today BYE!!!       

Well, we are in the routine of schoolwork in the morning and the afternoon off with horn practice just  before 5:00 when Finn does his blog. We got the internet working today. I had ordered the modem in advance but the feed to the dock had been turned off. Xfinitiy turned it back on and all was fine. We do have internet service by Onspot for the marina and it's okay but we wanted more speed. We now have a 25 Mbps line. All the docks have been pre-wired for internet and TV service. All you have to do is apply to Xfinity for the service and set top boxes. 

A Key West Rooster
As Finn said, we made our daily trip over to the dog park to let Hoolie run to his heart's content. Finn throws the balls and Hoolie chases them. Eventually his tongue starts to hang out and he slows down, a little. Along the way we saw the typical Key West roosters. They are all over Key West and are protected. They roam free. They are very distinctive in coloration, quite pretty actually. Friday and Saturday we'll start getting ready for the northern invasion by Philip and his family for a week. I'm sure they are looking forward to some relaxation in the warm climes of Key West.