Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Key West - Replaced anchor washdown pump

The Travelers Tree - by a street in Key West
The last time we took the boat out for a sail we anchored for lunch. It's rocky around Key West with all the boats speeding  by with tourists but we made do. When it came time to haul the anchor I discovered I had no washdown pump. I installed the pump when I bought Fleetwing 12 years ago so it's not as if the pump died preternaturally.

Just got this today, hummm, under pressure?? Open it?
Looking over the internet I found that the same pump was still being made but with some improvements. If you're ever in the market for an anchor washdown pump look no further than the Jasco HotShot Series, the 6.0 gpm model. The force of the stream from the 70 psi pump is amazing and makes short work of cleaning mud off the anchor chain. It is especially handy in the muddy anchorages of Chesapeake and in Maine. Sometimes in the Chesapeake you cannot even see the anchor links, it just looks like one solid piece of mud attached to the anchor (and the anchor looks round, surrounded with a ball of mud). You really do not want all that stuff in your anchor locker, hence, the washdown pump.

As with everything else on the boat, the 1/2 hour job turned into three hours due to a leaky connection that showed itself under pressure after the installation (Ann, "What's taking so long?")

The Wesley House on Caroline Street all lit up
On Thursday I'll tackle the anchor chain. I need to cut off the last two links which look rusty and reattach everything. Of course, I can't complain, the weather continues to be great and we listen to local bands whenever we can.