Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Key West - Crew leaves and dining out at Mangina Mangina

We had a nice sunset on the way to Mangina Mangina
This is the first blog in a long time without Finn, He left this morning with his parents and now he's back in snowy Pennsylvania. Finn will be missed. He's a great kid but he has rejoined his class and I'm sure he'll expand on his exploits aboard Fleetwing. He's read Treasure Island so he has lots of arterial to work with.

We celebrated today by starting with wine aboard Fleetwing with Bill Spencer and Bill Washburn, both are members of the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club. They vacation down in Key West for two weeks (only two weeks!!!) so we found a night to go out together, great fun!

Bill Washburn at Mangina Mangina
We started out with wine on the back of Fleetwing and that proceeded with wine at Mangina Mangina so we're pretty well snookered. However, the dinner was outstanding and I would highly recommended it, we had a great time.