Friday, February 20, 2015

Key West - the winds abate

Bougainvillea along most any city street
Today was the last of the cold, windy days according to the weatherman. Of course, his track record hasn't been too good recently but we're hopeful. One thing Key West has are temperatures that never reach freezing (it's surrounded by lots of water) and that results in tropical plantings. I don't know if everything is in bloom but there's lots of color when you walk down a city street. Bougainvillea is a popular planting, you will pass it by on almost any street in town.

Great sight in the clear skies
I took Hoolie out for his evening walk and stopped by Barry Cuda who was holding forth at BO's Fishwagon and then dropped by Schooner Wharf to listen to the Paul Cotton Band for awhile. I like both of the musicians, a great thing about Key West. Along the way I noticed the setting moon that was accompanied closely by Venus and Mars, quite a sight! It's a very rare event that includes all three in such a tight group in the sky.

The Moon, Venus at left and mars upper left
Bill Spence and Bill Washburn are in Key West for the next two weeks and we've made reservations at Seven Fishes for Thursday night, a meeting of PYC South!