Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Key West - New tenants arrive

Some anchor out at the "bowling alley" (some boats may break free in a breeze and go bang/band into their neighbors
Sarah's Blog

Today I went on a walk then played on my tablet. Then just Daddy and I went on a walk and he got his Cuban Coffee and he got me a strawberry smoothie and went to the shell warehouse and saw some stuff. Then we went back to the boat for breakfast. For breakfast I had grapefruit and I put too much sugar, it was very sweet. After that Natalie and I read up on the deck in the nice warm sun. Then we went on a walk and Natalie and I got sunglass then we moved on and got pretzels and lemonade yum! We looked at a store with all hand made stuff that is super cool. We saw a guy feed the pelicans and I got great pictures of them too. I went and saw big fish. We fed the fish and it was hard to see with all the sea grass. For lunch I was the chef and made 4 egg sandwiches and 1 ham and cheese sandwich. It was so good and I was so tired to. Well bye off to take more pictures bye.

Of course you have to have a picture taken at Mile Marker 0 on Rt 1
The next crew arrive around 5:30 or so and everybody settled in for the night. They had a long day with their departure in the early morning hours from Hartford, CT, arrival at Ft Lauderdale and then the long drive to Key West. They had to take a room at a motel the night before to avoid delays from the most recent winter storm of the northeast, some winter!!

You'll notice that the piling has a cone on top to prevent birds from landing and soiling the area
However, 70 degree weather fixes a lot of things. The sun was out full and the breezes were warm, what a difference! The rest of the next day (Wednesday) was devoted to not doing too much, just resting up and enjoying the warm weather. Finally, everyone was moved for a walk along the boardwalk by the harbor and to see the pelican and tarpon feeding at 4:00 pm followed by Ann's cooking in Fleetwing. On Thursday I think we're headed for the beach at Ft Zachary Taylor.