Thursday, February 26, 2015

Key West - We eat out at Seven Fish Restaurant

They are pretty used to having people around, not fazed at all by crowds
At least we didn't have any fog today and the temperature was the usual (now) of a low of 70 and a high of 78. The winds have settled down now for almost a week with relatively calm winds of 5 to 10 kts. We're running the air conditioner full time for the last several days. The cockpit is fine, nice and cool but the cabin can accumulate heat and the A/C is needed.

Feed time at the zoo
We rented a car today for $34/day from Enterprise and paid a visit to Publix for provisioning. $350 later, we're ready for another few weeks. We found that it only costs about a dollar more to get fresh fish off the boat than buying frozen fish from Publix. So, fish market here we come.

The picture does not do justice to the meal
Part of the reason I rented a car today was for transportation to Seven Fish, a top rated restaurant on Tripadvisor for Key West. It's one of the favorite restaurants of Bill Washburn and Spencer. So we had wine at Grand Vin, a place where you can order individual glasses of fine wine and then it was off to Seven Fish. I had the tuna and I must admit it was excellent at rare. The serving size was more than enough and we all left full. I would definitely recommend the place.

On Friday we plan on hosting friends from up north that are vacationing in Key West with a dinner, this time of chicken since they've had a steady diet of fish - however good it is, a break is needed eventually.