Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Key West - we visit Key West West Martello Tower Garden Club

Modern playground equipment looks nothing like we used to have
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Today was the first day with my cousins and we went on a walk this morning. Then we played a game that one was the captain and the others was the crew. It was fun because we pretended to put up the sails. Walked to feed the fish and there were a lot of them in the water at a time. Then we went in to the car and went to a play ground and it was so cool and big. 

A huge banyan tree in the garden, even had a doorway
Then we moved on to a garden with all kinds of  plants and secret that you can enter and it was like a old fort that they would fight with. There was a water fall and the garden was right by the ocean nice and big. 

The kids were great fans of the lizards
There were also Lizards we saw about 4 of them and named then Fearless, coconut, cloud, and tree. There was also art there too, it was very interesting what kinds of it. Then we walked and decided to have dinner at B.O. fish wagon and I had a chili cheese dog that was really good. When the chickens ninjas decided to plan a secret attack on Finn and thank goodness he is still here but when we came out they were chickens about 15 up in the trees above where we ate. Then we walked to go get some ice cream and we did then saw huge fish and there was a lot of them too. Now were back and might watch a movie. Well bye of to go play with my cousins bye.oiHbb

Beauty was everywhere, magical
There's no denying the level of activity in Fleetwing. Three kids are so much more active than four adults, what a contrast. So the first order of business was to walk them in the morning before breakfast which was just a little successful. That was followed by a couple mile walk through town which did do in the youngest but that only lasted for 30 min or so before he fully recovered and returned to normal. Then it was off again to the beach and more exercise on "modern" play equipment. That worked for about another 30 min. 

Now the adults were getting beat so it was off to the West Martello Tower Garden Club for a slow walkthrough. It used to be a fort at the water's edge that a local garden club converted into tropical gardens. The area here has never suffered a frost, not even close so they can have truly tropical plant in the gardens, some from Madagascar. 

BO's Fishwagon - a truly unique place, just look at the surroundings - now with a roof, mostly and lots of chickens
The kids and adults recovered and we were off to BO's Fishwagon for dinner followed by a walk to get ice cream. Hopefully, all will sleep well tonight. 


Grady's Day said...

Love following your blog! We are also doing the ICW and are in Marathon for the Month - having done Key West Dec 15 - Jan 15. We have always stayed at Conch Harbor Marina, which is very pricey! Do you know how they compare? Price wise and amenity wise?
Just a note - We also have a dog traveling with us - and two years ago when we did this trip for the first time I was thankful for your help on some of our anchorages for him! (So was he!)
Shirley Watson
S/V Sofia Jeanne

Bob423 said...

Hi Shirley,

Glad you enjoy the blog! Conch Harbor Marina is $66.13/ft for a month's stay compared to $44/ft at the city's Key West Bight Marina. Conch Harbor is much nicer but we don't use the amenities anyway. At the city marina you do not get fingers, only a dock where you go bow (or aft) in. We go bow I a depart over a small platform we place over the anchor roller (we drop the anchor). You still get showers and laundry (4 brand new washers and dryers) and free pump out. It's enough for us.

We like the added privacy of bow in where we face outward in the cockpit and watch the boats come and go. On the down side I have to carry our 45 lb dog over the bow three times a day. So far so good on that. He can't negotiate through the roller furler drum area.