Saturday, February 14, 2015

Key West - We see a famous artist paint

Hemingway figures large in the history of Key West
Sarah's Blog

Today we had yummy pancakes for breakfast with sausage. Then I read a little bit then played on my tablet. Then we headed out shopping! First we went to the shell warehouse and I got a big manatee and a baby manatee that came with it. Then I picked out a treasure box and got shells, rocks, and three coins. It was awesome to look around the store but there was a lot of people. I paid for  the three coins my self when Nana was with my mom in a different section of the store. Then we went into the glass gallery and this my fourth time and there was new pieces which was cool to see because I have seen then so many times. Then we moved on back to the boat and looked at some more stores but we didn't get any thing else. Then we had lunch and watched TV and my mom gave use coins to feed the fish there was so many I can't name all of then there was about 30 fish there. Now were going to do a magic champion ships. Were having cheese burgers for dinner and might have a valentines day sweet treat. Well bye off to watch the Party Cat it is packed bye!oiHbb

The high today was only 64, downright chilly for Key West. We will be in a warming trend the next few days. Still, with the enclosure and the full sun, the cockpit was warm. Today was shopping day for the kids, Ann and Monique while the rest of us went sightseeing. The first stop was the Key West Museum of Art and History, pretty much everything you could ever want to know about Key West. The most famous resident was Ernst Hemingway and the museum covered his life and times along with events of the Civil War. Key West was always in the hands of the north during the Civil War since they occupied the fort which was essentially impregnable during that period of time. 

Next on the walking tour was the Little White House used by Harry S. Truman during his presidency. One thing I learned was that in a poll conducted among noted historians, Truman came out rated 5th best of all the presidents. The presidents rated ahead of him were Lincoln, Washington and the two Roosevelts. 

Wyland started with a blank canvass - then a painting was took shape - magic...
Lastly, we attended a painting demonstration by Robert Wyland (known simply as "Wyland"). He started an oil painting from scratch and we watched him complete his work. The guy next to me was recording him on video the entire time which I thought was rather odd since most painters don't want photos of their work taken. However, I then found out that the gentleman had already purchased the painting to be finished in the evening demonstration. The cost of the painting was $9000. That's a little (a lot!) outside my range but Ann immensely enjoyed seeing Wyland paint. On Sunday we're going out for a sail, it's supposed to be 70.