Monday, February 9, 2015

Key West - A Kayak Adventure

Following our guide standing up in his kayak (for a better view of the bottom to see critters)
Sarah's Blog

Today it was rainy and wet, but we went to a place called the Lazy Dog kayaking. It was little a tour and we saw a Horseshoe crab, Starfish, Sea cucumber, and upside down sponge and jellyfish. At the end me and Nana won even when some people cheated but it was fun for then to cheat. Then went back to the boat and played some more. Then we went on a walk. We were all able to get some thing and I got a old book with home made paper. We walked down to find some thing Finn wanted and then went to dinner. We went to a Cuban place for dinner and I had steak, beans, and rice. It was great and it had live music and great place. We walked back to the boat and heard more live music and cool stores on the way. We also went to Mallory Spare and said good night to the ocean. On the way back from that me and Finn Tangoed to the music of the Cuban place. We went back and were going to watch TV and have some fudge. Finn and Rowan are leaving tomorrow and my mom is coming tomorrow bye.oiHbb

We awoke to a forecast for thunderstorms all day and it was already raining! This did not bode well for our 10:00 appointment for kayaking at Lazy Dog. However, the skies cleared by 9:00 and we all voted to give it a try. 

An inside out snail - he passed it around, Sarah's less than enthused but she handled it
Getting to Lazy Dog, we were all fitted with life vests (even though the water was only knee deep) and given a pep talk on how to paddle. We found the way out to be challenging with both the tide and wind against us! The tour consisted of several stops by the mangroves for show and tell on the local inhabitants of the shallow waters. We saw an inside out snail, a horseshoe crab, a bottom dwelling jellyfish, a sea cucumber and a few other critters. The guide was very enthusiastic and worked well with the grandkids. If you're ever in Key West, you certainly ought to take the guided tour. 

At one point we went through a mangrove "tunnel", cool
Well, the visit from our daughter and family is coming to an end. They have to catch a plane in the morning in Miami. It's sad to see them go. Mike and Carrie are going out tonight for one more night on the town in Key West. They took the kids to Mallory Square after the sunset when it was deserted for a Sherer tradition, "saying goodbye to the ocean" at the end of a vacation, a sad time. 

On Tuesday they will leave but not Philip and family arrive to start their one week vacation. They are so looking forward to warm weather after several feet of snow in Connecticut! In fact, to be sure of making the plane they had to get a hotel room at the airport since the snow was predicted to continue through the night. We'll spend Tuesday doing a wash and cleaning the boat to get ready for the next crew, a busy time but great fun.