Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Key West - A kayak tour on the last day and dinner at a Cuban restaurant

Sarah named the manatee Lucky since it survived a boat's propeller
Sarah's Blog

Today I was a sleepy head so I missed my walk but I got to snuggle with my mom. We had yummy eggs for breakfast. Then I helped Matt washing the deck then we saw Lucky the manatee and then a big boat came in  named Sarahbeth and that is one of my nick names. Then we saw Lucky a lot better this time and she was so cute. Then we went to the Lazy Dog kayaking and we saw sea cucumber, upside down jellyfish, a batfish, nurse shark, and seastar ( starfish). It was awesome this time I went with Daddy and we finished first I know it is not a race but it is just so much fun. Then we got ready to go out for dinner I had a BQQ chicken with beans and yellow rice. It was so good that I was so stuffed! Then we went back to the boat. Now I just want to say that I am very happy that Nana and Grandpa let me go on this once and a life time experience. I had a lot of fun and coconuts so Thank you very much with love. Well bye off to say bye to the island bye. 

Today was the last good weather day for several days. The intense cold front that's battering the northeast will even reach Key West enough to depress the high for Wednesday down to 68. You'll see the locals all dressed out in down filled parkas, long pants and wool hats. To be fair, it's cooler in the morning with 20 to 30 mph winds predicted. 

A batfish - odd looking!
So today we took advantage of the 74 high and went kayaking at Lazy Dog. We asked for the same guide we had last week and we was good at finding all the sea critters in the shallows. He even found a batfish, a rarity (about once a season it's found by the guides). In all a grand time. 

Nice place to eat in Key West
Lastly we headed for the same Cuban restaurant that Mike and Carrie enjoyed last week. It looks like a hole in the wall but it expands out into lots of tables in back. The food is good and reasonably priced with entrees in the $12 range. 

Now everybody is sad, especially the two girls. It was a wonderful vacation and Sarah is leaving us after two mondths of home schooling. She's already asked for a reservation for next year! We'll take tomorrow off and besides, the weather will be cold and windy anyway.