Thursday, February 5, 2015

Key West - A day of rain

Hog's Breath Saloon, our first stop
Sarah's Blog

Today we started are day with a walk and it was raining, but we went into a widow. We saw more chickens and I saved Finn from a chicken attack. Then we felt drops and we started running on the dock to the boat! We made it just in the nick of time too. Then we did work and me and Finn decided to do double the day of work so we can have free days for the beach. Then we played on the bed and tablet, it was a fun rainy day. I got bored so I read more Charlotte Doyle, it is so cool with the ship the Seahawk and there I action all the time. Then we played some more and watched the rain drop. The we took a rainy day walk with rain jackets and went to a place where a guy found treasure from an old rich ship. He spent 30 years working on it and says "Today is the day" he was right and there are swords, cannons with their balls, needles, coins (over a 100,000), and jewelry. It was really cool to see. We watched TV and then had Sarah's Mac n cheese for dinner that was yummy. Then  we had made some snicker doodles and they were so good, my favorite cookie. Now were going to play on the docks with glow sticks bye!oiHbb

The Lazy Gecko is next door to Sloppy Joe's
We really can't complain. There haven't been any rainy days so far so one day is nothing to complain about. It was still warm in the 70's, it just rained all day long. Finn and Sarah had lessons to do which occupied the morning and in the afternoon they played in the cabin, not bad at all. 

However, by the time 3:00 rolled around it was time for outside activities, raining or not! So everyone dressed for the rain and went outside. They found the best Key West treasure museum, Mel Fisher's Maritime Museum. The kids loved to look at all the gold coins! 

People were standing out in the street to hear the music from The Bull
I took Hoolie out for his nightly walk and passed by all the bars with music. Some overflowed into the street and everyone seemed to be having a good time. There didn't appear to be any routiness. As usual, Hoolie forged ahead and parted the sea of people ahead of us. On Friday we expect a sunny day and lots of outside activities, got to exercise the kids!