Monday, February 16, 2015

Key West - a day at the beach

-15 at home, 74 here - where would you rather be?
Sarah's Blog

Today I woke up and we did our walk. Then we had left over donuts for breakfast and then watched TV. We also played with our stuff animals then got ready for the beach. It was nice on our walk this morning but it started to get very windy. When we arrived at the beach we had lunch at the little shack first then went to Fort Zachary Taylor state park and we saw big cannons and went up to the very top. We also saw two iguanas one in the widow at the fort and the over in the bushes and ran away when we walked past. It was very pretty to see the ocean so high up on the fort. Then we went to the beach and the water was very cold so I started making a fort out of sand. Then I went in the water with my sister and we pretended to be boogie boards riding with the waves. Then Natalie made a pool and I made a big mountain. Then we went to climb on the rocks but the waves were so big they crashed on us. Then got back in the water. Well bye off to get dry bye.

I was startled this morning when I loaded the weather from Lagrangeville, it was -15 F!! That was a real wake up call for us, such cold weather!! With the high winds, the wind chill was predicted to reach -50! That is just too cold! I quickly checked the temperature in the house and it was at 59 (our set temperature is at 60). I looked at our furnace cam and it was showing the furnace operating as normal, thank goodness. I also have the house temperature monitored as part of our house alarm package so I'll get a call any time of the day or night if the house temperature drops below 50F. So far, so good.

We caught an iguana sunning in one of the fort windows
Having absorbed that news, we all decided a day at the beach was in order. The high for the day was to be 74 but there were winds of 15 to 20 kts, a little chilly if you stood directly in the wind. Nevertheless, we managed to keep warm by staying in the full sun. A tour of the fort was next with an iguana caught in one of the windows. 

Tuesday is the last day of Philip and Monique's visit and we have the kayak tour scheduled with the night our at the Cuban restaurant that Mike and Carrie liked so much.