Friday, February 27, 2015

Key West - Guests for dinner

Mystery blossom, can you ID it?
Walking along a side street in Key West, we saw a blossom on the sidewalk and picked it up. We couldn't see where it came from, there were no similar blossoms nearby still attached. It did come from a Key West plant but beyond that it's a mystery so far. Can anybody identify the blossom?

You meet the nicest people on the water
Last year we were enjoying our wine on the back of our boat when a passing boat stopped and the captain said, "I know where Lagrangeville is!" It turns out that he was from Amenia in New York, not far from Lagrangeville. After that meeting he's brought us fish several times and introduced us to tile fish which is a speciality near Key West. It's a delicious white fish good for baking or frying. Tonight we invited Harry and Paula for dinner and got to know each other better. One of the great pleasures of cruising is meeting new friends. Being on the water is a common interest that brings people together, we've met many new friends while on the water.

A Cuban Chug
Harry was out fishing one day when he came across a Cuban Chug (what they call the  boats that come from Cuba with a load of people hoping to enter the United States). They are typically patched together with anything that could float with a motor. They don't look too good and this one made the trip successfully. The occupants had left, presumably for points north. We don't see the ones that never make it across. You wouldn't want to get in the water anywhere in one of these things but there are people desperate enough to make the attempt.

On Sunday I'll sign up for our second month in Key West. It's too cold to go north, we'll wait out the cold here, much better I think.