Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Key West - Waiting for the northern invasion

A Wyland mural by the harbor
Sarah's Blog

We started are morning with a walk and we went are usual route. We saw lots of chickens and even though is like a city there are plants every where. Then we came back and had are breakfast and I started my school work. I read more Charlotte Doyle it is getting very interesting too, with all the conflict with the crew and the captain, but were all family here. Then I did some math, first word problems and then more numbers! After that when Grandpa help the guy was getting all of the stuff out of our tank. I read did vocabulary, and then reading Florida history am almost done with the history. Then we had to take every thing out of the aft cabin then we made it nice and neat for my Aunt and Uncle. Then we went on a walk and I saw Tory and Peach today again and I decided to name two fish every time I see some more. So there is going to be so far Tory, Peach, Mia, and Glitter. Glitter is for glide, and so I have named four so far but now that I think about it that I have named a lot of animals. Were going to have pulled pork and then wait for my cousins. Well bye off to go look for fish on the side of the boat, bye.oiHbb

Right behind our boat
Carrie and Mike with their two boys are due later tonight. They had snow, freezing rain, ice, etc. yesterday and flew out of Baltimore today and arrived in Miami at 4:00 pm. They are now in a minivan traveling down Rt 1 to Key West. We expect them here around 10:00 or so. It's some change of weather for them!

Willie T's is still going strong - $1000;s of dollar bills nailed to the walls
So our part was getting the boat ready by finding all sorts of niches for all the stuff in the aft cabin. For the most part we were successful. We took a walk along the harbor and once again noted how clear the water was. We could clearly see the bottom 15 feet down and numerous parrot fish swimming around. On the way back to the boat we saw our neighbor powerboat with blue, underwater lights which naturally drew fish, pretty.