Sunday, February 8, 2015

Key West - a day of salling

The original ocean view
Sarah's Blog

Today we started to head and sail. We went out and got to hang are feet off the boat and we got soaked! We were sailing both sails and it was great. We went back in to get a drink and then back out then I was feeling sick so we headed back to Key West. Then we fell sick one by one getting sick. Then we got back and we wanted to kiss the dock because we were going up and down. I got to go in the dink and get all the water out and there was so much that I thought there was a reef. I loved it ,just not when I got sick. It was cool to see the reef when we were in the boat. I thought I saw some animals but am not really sure. WE played with are stuffed animals and Rowans trains too. Uncle Mike is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not write this he did. It was also fun to play pirate when we were really sail. My pirate name is Ivory. Were going to have sweet and sour chicken that I love and can't wait to have yum! Well bye off to go playing bye. oiHbb

What better place to be in February! 
What a perfect day for a sail in Key West! Temperatures in the mid 70's, 10 to 15 kts of wind off the beam, full sun and relatively calm seas at first. First we had to disengage from land, not a small task since the boat seems to grow attachments as the time passes (8 lines, TV cable, water hose, line to the anchor that was dropped 5 ft to make room for the boarding platform, the boarding platform itself which had to be remove along with three clamps, etc.) I almost forgot the security cable to the dinghy which was locked to the boat, that would have stopped us cold on the way out!

We headed out to the reefs in good spirits and the kids were having a ball. Take a peek at the video! The more the boat bounced with the waves, the more they enjoyed it. All was wonderful until we passed through a deep spot in the reefs. At that point we started to hit the ocean swells. Now the boat really started to heave up and down and everybody had to return to the cockpit for safety. We turned and headed back with everyone in the cockpit and that's when three of the crew started to not feel so well. First to check out was Rowan who nestled in Carrie's arms and went to sleep. Next was Finn and Sarah who became very quiet. They all felt a little queasy but nobody threw up. 

We had intended anchoring for lunch but we just headed back to our slip, back to terra firma. The kids quickly recovered and all was well once again. Ann cooked sweet and sour chicken which we all enjoyed and now the kids are out for ice cream - somehow they still had room for that... On Monday it's off for kayaking in the morning.