Sunday, February 1, 2015

Key West - A unique fishtank

A bathtub fish tank complete with a side window
Sarah's Blog

First we started with donut and I had 2 and a half yum! Then it was kind of a lazy Sunday and I played on my tablet and drew a little bit too. Then we went on a walk and saw art and shirts every where it is crazy how many stores are in there. There was also a lot of plants, there were a little palm trees then trees with Spanish moss, that feels cool. We also saw a bath tub that got turned into a fish tank. The water came out of the place where the water comes out in a tub. With a lot of fish in it and lily pads too. I hear they keep the water fresh. We saw a lot of dogs and people, More than a board walk I think. We heard live music, we saw a bunch of shirt stores too. I also spotted a tiny lizard when we went pass by and I saw it at the corner of my eye too. Also the weather was great too, nice and sunny. We walked for a good 30 minutes to an hour then went back too the boat where chickens decided to greet us on the way. Then I watched some TV and were having yummy chicken pot pies tonight with rice. Also I saw Lucky back today to greet us again, at first I thought it was a coconut in the water but it was lucky's snout in the water getting a breath of air. Well bye off to look for lucky again bye. oiHbb

Sunday mornings are always with donuts in our household, a tradition of the family. So not to disappoint, I hunt for donuts wherever we're at on Sunday. Fortified with donuts, Sarah and I went one on one with math. There's no respite for homeschoolers. So lets see, if you buy three donuts then you get two more free. What's the percentage of savings? A 7th grader can solve it. 

One of the many old houses of Key West
An afternoon walk revealed a novel use of an old bathtub - a fish tank. Sarah was fascinated. Key West is an old town with many historic houses. It was once the largest city in Florida and the one with the highest per capita income. The hotels typically run $450/night and are at 95% occupancy year round. Now I don't feel so bad about paying for my slip. 

Monday is "getting ready day" for Carrie and Mike who will spend a week with us on the boat. Mostly it will be cleaning out the aft cabin to make room for Mike and Carrie with the two boys while Sarah will still be with us.