Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Key West - The second shift arrives

Collapsing in the warm air
Sarah's Blog

Today Finn and Rowan left early in the morning and I snuggled them. We packed up all there stuff and headed to the car. Then we said are good byes and we went back to the boat. I did my work and then I read Charlotte Doyle it is so interesting. Am at the part where she wants be a part of the crew, they let her and the captain said that to write down she was lost overboard. I really like it very much! Then we did some cleaning then played tablet. Then my parents came, I haven't seen them in 5 weeks. I was really excited to see them and we hugged for a long time. We sat down and had a yummy dinner all together it was very nice. I had fudge and are going to watch a movie bye. oiHbb

We all said our goodbyes this morning to Mike, Carrie, Finn and Rowan. It was a sad goodbye  but we all had a great time. They headed north to Miami for their flight back to Pennsylvania while we swung into action to get the boat ready for the next shift. We filled up four commercial sized washers, no small feat. After cleaning the cabin and a few other sundry jobs, we were ready for the second shift. 

Philip and Monique and family flew to Ft Lauderdale and rented a minivan for the drive south. They arrived around 5:30 and the second party started!  We thought it was a little cool at 74 with a 18 kt breeze but they were all in shirt sleeves. I think they are going to chill out for a few days before tackling what Key West has to offer besides warmer weather. We'll see how things progress.