Sunday, February 22, 2015

Key West - Big ships in today

Two ships today - crowds!
Key West has three cruise ships docks and today two were occupied. Now Key West is basically a small town, less than 1 mile square with more of the shops within a three block area. Once you leave Duval Street, it's mostly residential. So when two huge cruise ships dock, the town is flooded with people. They don't eat at the restaurants since meals are provided with their cruise ship ticket but they occupy all the tourist spots. The streets are filled with sightseeing trolleys and trains along with lots of rented bicycles and scooters. With all that we mostly stayed near our boat and enjoyed the warm breezes. Key West has reentered summertime. It's been rather cool up to now but the temperatures now hit a low of 70 and a high of 78, perfect for Key West.

These cruise ships are just huge! You have to see them in person to appreciate how big they are!
Key West attracts the artistically inclined so we're going to see a play on Wednesday put on by the locals. We've invited Bill Spencer and Bill Washburn out for a day of sailing on Tuesday and on Thursday we still have the Seven Fish restaurant planned. Tomorrow, on Monday, we plan on spending time at Sloppy Joe's in the afternoon to listen to Barry Cuda play his piano. He's one of our favorite entertainers. So we have a full schedule and plan to extend that through March until we leave March 28th. Great fun being down in the warm weather.