Saturday, February 28, 2015

Key West - Dog Park

The big guy is a Tarpon, one of many in the harbor
Key West has a several "Pocket Parks" which consists of a plot of land about the size of a typical lot that a house would be on but it's vacant. The city landscapes the area for a park, complete with a sculpture and seats. I visited the one today on Grinnell Street thinking it would be good for Hoolie to use for exercise but the sign out front said dogs had to be on a leash at all times. Oh well, it's still an area for Hoolie to explore although the only thing he ever looks for is food. You think Hoolie likes you, wrong, you are just a potential source of food! No food, then he moves on.

Nice park in a residential setting
The park is next to the island cemetery. This is another area like New Orleans where most of the graves are above ground. By Key West standards, the area is huge, covering several city blocks. We moved on and did some tarpon watching. There are dozens of tarpons in the harbor, they are attracted by the free handouts meant for the pelicans but they often miss and then it's gone via the tarpons.

Yesterday's mystery blossom was solved by Marie Hughes of Connecticut. It's a Shaving Brush Tree.  Apparently it can grow as tall as 50 to 70 feet. It's quite stunning. We are just enjoying the good weather and waiting for the north to warm up, there's no hurry to return to the cold.