Friday, February 13, 2015

Key West - Provisioning

The Jolly Rover goes for a sail
Sarah's Blog

Today I was a sleepy head so I didn't walk. Then when I was still in my bed I got my work over with and finished it just when I woke up. Then I wrote in my dairy a good page. Then we went on a walk to have lunch at B.O.'s Fishwagon. It was very good I had Keylimeade and chicken with rice and beans on the side. We saw a lot of chickens and the person we met on the beach yesterday getting lunch too. Then we went back and  I played on my tablet then Matt and I played a game called magic. He just showed me  to play and tomorrow we're going to do the champion ships. He taught my sister how to play too. I won only once out of four. My sister won two times out of two. So it is pretty exciting to see who wins. Then we helped Nana get the food and sort it where it has to go then watched TV for a while. We had Chili tonight which was awesome then I had two cookies. It  is also very nice and warm here in Key West. Well bye off to put away the dishes bye. 

The Appledore, right next to the Party Cat
Today was resupply day (we have a lot of heavy eaters on board). Although there are no Walmarts in Key West or for that matter anywhere in the Keys, there are Publix supermarkets which are fine even though they are a little more expensive. 

Spirit of Independence
Walking through the marina you are struck by all the ways to enjoy the nearby ocean. There are legions of day fishing boats, party boats that go out three times a day, charter boats the same size as us and then there are the schooners.They dock at, you guessed it, Schooner Wharf about 100 ft away.They all have something unique to offer and this year they seem to be busier than I ever remember the last four years. Key West offers a lot of way to spend your money.

The crew this week is just enjoying the warm weather, encouraged by the below zero temperatures back home, unreal! We never thought there would be two winters in a row like this in the northeast. We'll try to make the best of it down here.