Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Key West - Groceries and we eat out at Firefly

A view looking towards our dock. That’s Fleetwing just to the right of the middle of the photo.
We have a dark orange sun shade mounted against the setting sun. Note the empty docks. 

There are two major supermarkets in Key West: Publix and Winn Dixie. Of the two, Winn Dixie has the better prices by far. It’s more convenient if you want to take the bus since it’s closer and a bus taking you back comes by in 45 minutes. At Publix, it could be over and hour. 

Fried green tomatoes - a southern standard

We didn’t want to use the bus this time so we used a delivery service. Publix uses Instacart while Winn Dixie uses Shipt which is much better. Instacart does not give you in-store prices, they add an additional charge on most all items in addition to a monthly fee and the expected tip to the driver. Shipt does offer in-store prices as far as I could find and the monthly fee is less. You still are expected to tip but we like the convenience. 

Shipt will also allow the shopper to communicate via text messages with the buyer. Instacart used to do that too but the last few times I used the service, it was no longer and option. The text messages are handy when a substitution is required. The groceries arrived as promised and everything was in order.

We took the Duval Loop down to Firefly but took Uber back for the convenience. The dinner was excellent. We had a “Baseball Steak” which I had never heard of before. It’s shaped like a baseball. I don’t know what cut of beef it was but it was tender and had a great flavor. 

So close!

I’ve included one more photo of Venus and Jupiter over Key West, it’s a pretty sight from our dock.