Monday, March 6, 2023

Key West - Spring Break Crowds Start


Dante’s pool, a popular place for spring breakers

Spring break has started in Key West. I went by A&B Seafood last night and one table had 13 girls, another had 9, and there were more. The Spring Break season has officially started in Key West. 

Floating drinks, why not?

Another sign is the swimming pool at Dante’s. It was not quite packed like it will be next week where you can’t see water - but it was pretty full. The pool is free to use but I think they hope you’ll buy a beer or two. There is music all day and plenty of people to watch. Everything closes down at 6:00 so at least we can enjoy the evening on our boat without the boom - boom of music from Dante’s. 

I installed a new faucet today. It should have been easy but what fun is there in that?! Everything went smoothly until it was time to check for leaks, I had plenty. I tried more rubber washers without success. I finally applied teflon tape in excess and that seemed to address the leaking problem, at least for now. 

We are doing final prep for the crew up north coming down on Saturday. There will be a bunch of us on Fleetwing, nine in all counting us. We’ll retreat to the forward bunk at night and who knows where everyone will sleep? I’m sure they will sort it out.