Friday, March 10, 2023

Key West - The signs of Key West

How far away?

Every area has its own type of signs. One of the most common one is a sign post with directional arrows pointing in various directions giving distances to remote places. Key West has that sign, of course. It’s been added to over the years, mostly at random. There’s no control I know of that limits what’s posted.

You see this a lot in Key West

But there are other signs, some of which are unique to Key West. One of the more common ones is No shoes, no shirt, no problem!” Or another one “No shoes, no shirts, no service - unless you’re a female in which case you get free beer”. 

The top floor of the Bull Bar

Down Duval Street, there’s  The Bull bar. It’s three stories tall and on the top floor you have this sign. We’ve never been there but you’re free to try it out. 

BO’s Fishwagon welcomes hippies but they have to use the backdoor.

The Green Parrot

Some apologize for being open, like The Green Parrot. 

My favorite Key West sign. I haven’t seen it anywhere else!

However, my all time favorite sign which I’ve only found in Key West! 


Changes in L'Attitudes said...

I also love all the stickers cruisers place along their trip - have you ever 'planted' a Fleetwing sticker in a bar?