Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Key West - Butterfly Day

Very colorful

 Key West has a butterfly conservatory so the event of the day was to visit the colorful area. It’s in a building right at the southern end of Duval Street and it’s convenient to the free Duval Loop bus stop. Today was rather cool (mid 70s) so there weren’t a lot of people going out on boats - the conservatory was crowded and with a line to get in.


One additional attraction are the two flamingos in resident. They have a special session at 4:30 where you can mingle with the birds. We just studied them from a far.

With the temps in the low 70s and a 15 kt wind, the hooded sweatshirts were out in abundance. Once you’re used to 80 degree weather in full sun, anything less feels cool  unless you just flew in from New York but then you’re a tourist.