Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Key West - Feeding Time


Pelican feeding time

Everyday around 4:00 is feeding time for pelicans. The fishing boats return from their daily runs and clean the fish they caught. Any scraps are pitched to the eagerly waiting pelicans - and the occasional tarpon lurking under water. Usually a crowd gathers to watch the thrashing for scraps. The pelicans get plenty to eat.

You can see the top of the cruise ship peeking over the far building. It’s big, Key West is small.

On the way downtown, you look over the tops of the buildings to see if a cruise ship is in town. They are so tall that they dwarf any building in Key West. Unfortunately, today was one of those days. I had wanted to get a $5 sweatshirt without a crowd milling around but it was not to be. I did get my sweatshirt (in preparation for cooler weather on the way home) but not without a wait. 

Smallest Bar in Key West

There are many iconic shops in Key West and one is advertised as the Smallest Bar in Key West, it’s locally famous. Likewise for many other places to imbibe, plenty of those around. We prefer our wine in the cockpit of Fleetwing, better view and much less expensive.