Saturday, March 18, 2023

Key West - The Go Fast boats arrive


Never enough horsepower!

Every year about this time, the Go Fast boats arrive at Key West. They typically have anywhere from three to five huge outboard motors in the 450 range. They are painted bright colors and they have races during the week. 

Interesting that most have twin hulls

Most of the ones here have outboards but there are a few with all inboard engines. They look even more streamlined but perhaps it’s a difference class of racer. They all look like they are speeding even when docked. Like Harley motorcycles, they have a deep base type of motor noise. I’m sure they could put an adequate muffler on the output but the deep throated noise is part of the scene, I guess. 

A side view, lots of power!

All our crew left today so we are alone once again on Fleetwing. They are catching  a flight Saturday night at Ft Lauderdale. We have another week in Key West before leaving for points north on a slow return to Deltaville where we’ll store Fleetwing for the summer. 

I’m sure the cockpit has all the bells and whistles