Friday, March 31, 2023

Key West - The fish returns (or a new fish)


Our new fish - the cats are happy… (or birds?)

There is a bathtub that’s been converted into a fish tank that’s been here ever since we’ve been coming to Key West. At various times in the past, there were attempts at preventing “harvesting” of the occupants of the fish tank - mostly without success. 

Just to round things out - the recent hot spell has brought out the flowers in force

There was screening across the top and other forms of warding off exit spirits but the fish were plucked out regardless. This year, I think the owner of the tank gave up and just redid the tank without a screen on top but provided multiple areas for the fish to hide out under the water in various rocks and crevasses. The lone fish of that experiment lasted about a week. The tank has sat empty for over a month with the water pumping away in circulation but without fauna to enjoy the environment. 

Today I saw two fish! When I took a photo, one of the two fish was looking right into my eyes  (looking out for predators?) I wonder how long they will survive in the wilds of Key West?