Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Key West - Fresh produce in Key West?


The place to go in town

There’s only a few paces that sell fresh produce in town. There’s the two major chains: Publix and Winn Dixie but they require a bus ride or Uber. The only one in easy walking distance from Key West Bight is Fausto’s Food Palace. Their prices are sky high for meats but their prices on produce and other goods are reasonable.

A nice selection

We shop once every couple of weeks from Winn Dixie but once every few days at Fausto’s. The selection is pretty good

If you want a lunch snack, stop by Kolache Kitchen for a taco and enjoy the meal over at Mallory Park, two blocks away. The price can’t be beat at $5 to $6 for lunch and each taco is prepared fresh with a short wait. It’s on Duval Street in the same block as Sloppy Joes but on the other side of the street.