Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Key West - Shopping local stores

The famous Key West Sponge Man

It’s true that prices are high in Key West if you want to stay a while. You can also pay a lot for most anything but there are still bargains to be had. Several years ago I went downtown and bought a bunch of $5 tee-shirts and through multiple washes, they are still in good shape. The material is of better quality than the Fruit of the Loom tee-shirts I buy through Amazon. They all have different designs based on Key West landmarks. 

You’d think all the mugs would be the same price - not so.

Likewise, you can buy $4.95 coffee mugs or you can buy $14.95 coffee mugs, the coffee tastes the came in each mug. We have company coming on Saturday so I thought I would buy some extra mugs for breakfast. Naturally I bought the $4.95 version. 

The prices go up every year - but what’s new in that? I asked the clerk if that was the price for 
The entire cart load but I got a funny look.

Boat prep for our crew of 7 coming on Saturday proceeds apace with the new faucet and improvements in the freezer. We face the gargantuan task on Saturday of moving everything out of the aft cabin to somewhere else - out of sight. We will need every square inch of space for living quarters for 7 more people. Meanwhile, the spring breakers continue to arrive. We expect the peak next week when our own spring breakers arrive.